Billy Bowater by E. C. Hanes

“ I have read Billy Bowater many times, and each time I recognize the character is sexy, smart, dumb, revengeful, and kind, just like human beings everywhere. Redge Hanes has captured the human truth and reminds us in this book that nothing human can be alien to any of us. We all know and recognize Billy Bowater, the character.”

– Maya Angelou

“Somewhat of an exposé, this lighthearted novel follows one everyman sorting through the messy world… more.

headshotRedge Hanes’s novel, Billy Bowater, closely parallels his own experiences in the rough and tumble world of state and national politics. Like all ambitious young men, William Walpole Bowater lll is trying to find his place in the world outside of the rigid expectations of family and home town friends. During the grind of a year-long Senate race, Billy begins to understand not only his potential for valuable, productive work but also the danger of addiction to power and power’s fuel…money. A great story, like a great carnival ride, makes you wish that it’s never over. Billy Bowater, Redge Hanes’s debut novel, promises to deliver a great ride.

Author of Billy Bowater and Justice by Another Name