Ever since man first isolated a separate place for his natural processes, some of the clearest and most lasting epiphanies concerning the human condition have occurred while seated therein. I suspect that I am not unique in keeping an adequate supply of reading materials on hand; however, the availability of a note pad and pencil probably separates me from the casual outhouse thinker.
In keeping with the circumstance, I have chosen to call the formalization of my notes, “Cogitations”, rather than essays. An essay begs to be the child of deep thought, arrived at while seated in a quiet scholarly study. Cogitations burst forth in more modest surroundings. Born within a womb of odiferous creativity, they are the truest measures of the human soul. In vacating one’s mind of a Cogitation, one is not only permitted but encouraged to speak or write in a loud voice… to yell even. Sturm and Drang are the patron saints of Cogitations.



I’m in my late sixties, too old to hold up fingers showing that I’m this many years. Besides, I don’t have sixty-plus digits or even sixty visible body parts, so using some physical yardstick is out of the question. But if truth be known, and it rarely is,...Read More »

U S Supreme Court v. Common Sense

U S Supreme Court v. Common Sense

The common qualifier used by anyone who is not an attorney but is addressing a legal point is, “ well, I’m not a lawyer but…”. Since this is often confessed to people who already know that the speaker isn’t a lawyer, it...Read More »

The Hatter, The Hare, and Sarah

This can’t be happening !!

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