E.C. Hanes discussing Justice By Another Name with Frank Stasio on the State of Things March 14, 2017

When E.C. “Redge” Hanes was looking for a backdrop for his latest novel, he decided to draw from his own experience. He once raised hogs on a farm with his brother, and he also participated in an environmental study commission looking into the impact of hog farming on North Carolina’s ecology.

Hanes’ new book “Justice By Another Name” (Rane Coat Press/2017) is a tale of love and revenge set in fictional Hogg County, North Carolina.

Host Frank Stasio speaks with Hanes about the book and how his background in lobbying fueled his interest in power and what people do to hold onto it.

E.C. Hanes on NC Bookwatch with D.G. Martin.

This first aired April 24, 2015.


E.C. Hanes was interviewed, October 4, 2014  by Frank Stasio discussing Billy Bowater and the State of North Carolina at a Crossroads of Arts and Politics.



One Man Must Find His Moral Compass Among Washington’s Political Power Players            

William Walpole Bowater III, the title character of the debut novel by author E.C. Hanes, is the heir apparent to a powerful eastern North Carolina family. Everyone assumes Billy will take over his father’s law firm as well as his position as political power broker. But Billy Bowater needs to create his own legacy. When Billy finds himself working as the Administrative Assistant for Wiley Hoots, the senior senator from North Carolina, his life takes a different turn. As the Senator’s re-election campaign heats up, Billy finds himself at the center of an ethical dilemma after a controversial art exhibit enrages the Senator and a Christian television ministry and opens up debate about the use of public funds to sponsor art. As Billy gets more involved in backroom schemes, he begins to wonder if he has lost his moral compass. Ultimately, Billy must decide if he has sacrificed his values for the limelight he craves or if the intrigue of borrowed power is just too much for him to overcome. The horrific finale of the book creates the final episode from which Billy must judge himself relative to the standards that he was raised to meet. Billy Bowater is a fictionalized version of events that happened to author E. C. Hanes. Hanes, a long-time supporter of the arts, represented the American Arts Alliance on behalf of the National Endowment of the Arts when then-Senator Jesse Helms lead the charge against public funding for the endowment after a controversial art exhibit. That encounter helped open Hanes’ eyes to the slippery world of Washington power politics. “I wanted to write a book that would put into perspective the tendency in politics to use whatever might upset an anxious public in order to win at any cost,” says Hanes.“Hopefully after reading this book, the reader will better understand their responsibility as an informed citizen to ferret out the truly important issues they are being asked to decide from the emotional straw-men created by desperate politicians trying to hold on to power.” The following themes are interwoven throughout this fascinating look inside American politics:

  • America’s culture wars
  • The use of social issues in political campaigns.
  • The role of religion in the public life of American politics.
  • The role of the arts in the cultural life of America.
  • The state of political debate and ethics in America.

E. C. Hanes has been a long time champion of environment, political and artistic causes. He has served on numerous business related boards of directors, such as The Russ Companies, The Encore Group, and the Fuqua Graduate School of Business of Duke University. Hanes has served as trustee othe Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, the American Arts Alliance, the North Carolina Film Commission, and as Chairman of the board of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He ran for state senate in North Carolina as well as serving on numerous campaign committees for senatorial and gubernatorial candidates. Hanes currently lives in Winston – Salem, NC with his wife. He enjoys fly fishing, wing shooting, growing orchids and golf. Billy Bowater will be available for purchase September 2014.




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